Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Most Popular Burgers In The World

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The hamburger was originally made in the USA in the 19th century. Its beginnings continue to be unclear and a lot of people stated they have created it. Hamburgers are often served in fast food diners. They are often made in production facilities and frozen. Most American burgers are round, but a few fast food stores, like Mendy’s, offer square-cut burgers. You will find plenty of fast food diners which offer burgers like Burger King, McDonald’s, A&W, Shake Shack, Smashburger…

Here is list of the places with best burgers:

The Apple Pan (LA, CA) – An established burger location for more than fifty years, this place is a humble joint that doesn’t have tables – only a horseshoe-designed counter and a really good hamburger that balances out the absence of sitting area. Everyone should try their Hickory burger – the most popular! Although this will definitely make you full, it is really a pity not to try their famous apple pie.
Banana Boat Restaurant – Anybody who has visited the Turks will probably say it’s a merry place with excellent burgers. An excellent island joint, the place offers awesome half-pound hamburgers and delicious conch burgers that can’t be found any place else. With a lot of wonderful tastes and smells, this place is sure to give you unique experience.

Daniel Boulud Brasserie (Las Vegas, NV) – It might sound totally crazy to pay 40 bucks for a hamburger and fries but these guys sure know what they are doing and customers know what they are paying for. The burger here is absolutely amazing! This is probably one of the fanciest burgers on the planet known as the “Original NY DB Burger” which is fantastic burger including things like wine-braised ribs, foie gras and black truffles in a parmesan bun dished up with horseradish and tomato. Thus, if you are in search of something unique – this is undoubtedly it.

May well Allen (Paris, France) – Set up in 1972, Joe Allen (with the sister diner in New York) was the very first restaurant to bring genuine American flavor to Paris. Well-liked by local business people and famous people as well, Joe Allen offers the finest burger in Paris.
Daddy O’s (New York, NY) – If you hunger for a great burger in NYC – this is certainly the place to check out. Situated in the West Village, the downtown comfortable joint is the perfect hangout for many people who want to get away from the pretentious calorie-counting bunch you can come across in some other restaurants in New York. The place is open late.
Speakeasy Restaurant (Kyoto, Japan) – The Speakeasy Diner is a wonderful place in the center of the city. Famous for their excellent international food selection and fantastic burgers, the diner is well-known among local people and visitors as well. Speakeasy furthermore provides English language variants of Japanese newspapers and big screen TVs that at all times has CNN on. Capability of seating is restricted (around forty people), so be sure you are ready to wait.