Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Chinese Dessert Recipes

China is Eastern Asia’s country. It is the world’s most populous country, the Han (ethnic Chinese) forming more than nine-tenths of the population. If you might to try many different types of desserts before but Chinese Dessert is so special and yummy.

Dear Dessert Recipes’ lovers, have you try Chinese desserts before? If not yet, you can explore this site to know regarding Chinese Dessert Recipes. If yes, you also can discover more Chinese Dessert from this site. Here, we had covered the introduction and famous foods of Chinese Dessert for you. Enjoy your stay with DessertRecipes2u!

Chinese Dessert Recipes
Chinese Dessert Recipes is one of most welcomed cuisine around the world. Nowadays, Chinese dessert recipes become popular and highly demand in American, Western Europe and Southern Africa, not only in Asia.
History of Chinese Dessert Recipes. Chinese Dessert Recipes was originated from China. There are four cuisine that most influential to Chinese dessert recipes, it including Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong and Jiangsu. The geography, climate, history, cooking methods and lifestyle is the element to make the desserts are different from one another.

Top 5 of Chinese Dessert Recipes

Nian Gao
Nian Gao is a Chinese sticky cake which made with glutinous rice flour, brown sugar, Chinese dates, milk, sesame seeds, vegetable oil, and water.

Chinese Almond Cookies
Chinese Almond Cookies is a type of chinese pastry and trademark in Chinese-American cooking, which generally made with almond flour, egg, butter, almond and baking soda.

Egg Tart
Egg Tart is custard pastry that consists of custard in a puff pastry case. The cooking techniques of Egg Tart is quite similar with Portuguese Egg Tart.

Zongzi is known as Chinese Rice Dumpling, which is a staple dessert during Dragon Boat Festival. The main ingredients used in these dessert recipes is glutinous rice, chinese barbecue pork, chinese black mushrooms, dried shrimp, chestnuts and salted duck eggs.

Mooncake is a staple dessert during Mid-Autumn Festival. It is round or rectangular pastries, which is filled with lotus seed paste or red bean paste.