How To Make The Ultimate Burger

A burger may seem quite easy to make, however don’t assume all hamburger recipes are made the same. No matter if it’s for a pan-cooked burger prepared on a stovetop, or a traditional barbeque burger, the excellent hamburger formula starts with the proper ingredients, appliances and cooking skills.
Simply dusting salt over the outside of molded patties is not a good technique. Get the ground beef in a suitable bowl. Gently break up the beef using your hands and dust equally with salt. You need one teaspoon of salt for one and a half pounds of beef, the regular amount that is used for 4 burgers.

Remember that ground beef is not play dough. The harder you work with it, the thicker and more rubbery it becomes when grilled. After you have sprinkled the salt, divide the meat into smaller parts and, along with slightly cupped hands, form the patties. When the patties are compact enough, stop.
Flip your burgers only one time – once they have reached dark brown marks. One more thing – don’t try to press. Pressing the burgers while they are being grilled draws out the delicious juices that stay in the grill instead of the burgers.

Adjust the temperature of the grill just right and don’t forget to clean it with a strong grill brush. Any particles will come off the grates much faster when the grill is heated than when it’s cool. Take some paper towels using tongs with long handles and dip the towels in a vegetable oil. Once the towels have soaked up the oil, you need to run them across the grates. Keep dipping the towels into oil and apply along the grate; it’ll become smooth so the meat won’t stick. As soon as the grate becomes shiny, the grill is all set.

Most of us pay attention to thermometers when we are cooking steaks, but if we cook burgers, we don’t bother much. That’s a mistake. You should focus on the temperature for the right results. This is the way you should do it.
For medium-rare burgers the temperature ought to be about 130 degrees, cook each side for 3 minutes
Medium burger: around 140 degrees, 3 or 4 minutes of cooking per side
For medium-well burger: 160 degrees, cook 5 minutes for each side
Well-done burger: you need 160 degrees or more, 5 minutes for each side

1½ pounds of ground beef
1 mug shredded cheddar cheese
eight pieces cooked bacon
four teaspoons mustard
two teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon ground pepper

Split beef into smaller parts in a bowl. Put sliced bacon, cheese, mustard, salt, Worcestershire sauce and pepper. Mix until equally spread. Divide into 4 identical parts and gently pack into patties.
The moment the grill is ready and grate is hot, spread vegetable oil over the grate. Grill burgers and never press down on them, up to the point they are well seared on each side as well as cooked. Pass to plate, cover with foil, and leave for 5 minutes.