Turkish Lemonade

A classic drink from the Middle East, and a refreshing drink on a hot day.

4 People
20 min


3 lemons
2 cups of sugar
mint leaves


Get a pan. Wash and slice the lemon, and put the slices into a pan. Add the sugar. Add 3 cups of water and bring the pan to a boil, and stir. Turn off the heat and let it sit until it cools. Pour the mixture through a strainer. You may want to pour it again through cheesecloth, if you feel there is too much pulp. Get a pitcher with ice, and pour in the mixture and add water, and add mint leaves.

Cooking Tip

If you want a stronger mint taste, you can add a leaf when you are boiling the lemons. Look at our F.A.Q. page on how to pick good fruit when choosing lemons.