Beef Nachos & Cheese

This recipe takes the boring out of plain nachos. Make it colorful, tasty, and nutritious by adding meat and vegetables.

4 People

30 min


1 large bag of tortilla chips
0.5 lb of ground beef
1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
2 tomatoes
2 stocks of green onions


Fry the ground beef in a pan until cooked. Wash and dice the tomatoes and onions. Shred the cheese. Place all the tortilla chips flat in an oven pan. Sprinkle the cheese on the chips, then the cooked ground beef. Then add the tomatoes and green onions. Place everything in the oven for a few minutes, just to melt the cheese and warm up.

Cooking Tip

If you want to make it vegetarian, just leave out the meat. This is a great idea when watching the game.